Automate Excel Pivot Tables Across Workbooks – Learn Python Pandas


    Hey Everyone! Continuing the Pandas series. In this one we’ll work with multiple spreadsheets and use the GroupBy pandas function.

    We’ll cover:
    – Combining data sources
    – Grouping data from multiple sources

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    The Excel Sheets I used (Just dummy data):
    Workbook1.xlsx –

    A second (optional workbook with same data structure) –

    Full code from the video:
    import pandas as pd

    excel_file = ‘Workbook1.xlsx’

    df_1 = pd.read_excel(excel_file)
    df_2 = pd.read_excel(excel_file, sheet_name=’2nd’)


    frames = [df_1, df_2]
    all_data_df = pd.concat(frames, axis=0)

    productivity_df = all_data_df.groupby([‘Operator’,’Line #’]).mean() #.min() .max() . sum()

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