Automate Click on website using Selenium in Python

Here we introduce simple demo on how to automate button/link clicks on any website.

This will help in automating several different recurrent and boring activities in your online sessions over websites.

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21 thoughts on “Automate Click on website using Selenium in Python”
  1. So you can't do it on sites that hide their source code? Pages like YouTube only give you 33 lines of code.

  2. Before I click away a pop-up I would like to check whether the pop-up even exists and is active. How to do that?

  3. This gives me an error saying ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'selenium' even though I installed it

  4. I have a low security captcha in my website and it always appears in one part of the screen and never asks to find any images so what command can I use to located the captcha button

  5. Hello could you please give your mail id so that i can clear doubts. I badly need your help please….

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