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AWS CloudFormation vs Terraform

Terraform Playlist(6 videos): ** Update: A lot of changes have come to both Terraform and Cloudformation since this video was released. Terraform 0.12 is a big improvement over older versions…

Deploy an application in Elastic Kubernetes Service(EKS) | EKS Series part 2

Part 1 Video where we launched the EKS Cluster: Github Repo: source

Create an Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) Cluster | EKS Series Part 1

Github: source

AWS Cloudformation Parameters tutorial | Beginner tutorial | Cloudformation Series Part 5

You can the optional Parameters section to customize your templates. Parameters enable you to input custom values to your template each time you create or update a stack. Find our…

AWS Lab: Deploy a RDS Instance and connect it to a Web Page.

AWS Blog that has all the steps: RDS vs EC2 blog: MySQL on AWS: RDS vs EC2 source

Ansible Roles- Create a Role and Upload to Ansible Galaxy | Ansible Series

Github repo: Variable precedence: source