AppDynamics – How It Works


    Take a quick, visual look at how AppDynamics application and business performance monitoring gives you real time visibility into your applications and customer experience.

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    1. That was a great demo showing you how you discover, monitor, baseline, tirage and provide Business value from a very holistic end-to-end solution.

      Personally, I don't see an issue with the Security model, data in transit is encrypted over SSL, and I guess on the Controller as well. Agents provide metrics for that segment only and not the Application Architecture, that's down to the Controller to aggregate and correlate


    2. "Once deployed, the agents immediately begin watching every line of code and inject a unique tag into all method calls which allows us to trace the request from start to finish"

      And I'm sure there's no performance overhead for this, right? Seems like an end-user energy consumption and performance nightmare as well a huge security risk if AppDynamics is ever breached. Goodbye sensitive data, goodbye proprietary IP, hello hackers knowing every inch of your system and being provided with a complete roadmap for exploiting it.