Apache Kafka® Event Streaming Platform For Kotlin Developers

This talk will give you a quick overview of Kafka, the event streaming platform. You will see its internal architecture, including how it partitions messaging workloads in a fault-tolerant way and how it provides message durability. You’ll learn about Kafka’s approach to pub/sub messaging and how Kotlin developers can leverage a framework for handling streamed data.

0:00 Introduction
2:56 Bootstrapping the project
8:23 Building the application
9:56 Implementing a supplier
11:34 Configuration
13:59 Confluent cloud
17:37 Demo
18:40 TestContainers
19:40 Exploring Kafka topics
21:38 Implementing a consumer
26:18 How does it work?
33:48 Consumer groups
35:15 Stream processing
52:50 Querying data
1:02:47 Summary

Viktor Gamov, Developer Advocate at Confluent – https://twitter.com/gamussa
Developer Advocate at Confluent, makers of an event streaming platform based on Apache Kafka.
Viktor has extensive experience in building low-latency, scalable, and highly available distributed systems. He is a professional conference speaker on distributed systems, streaming data, JVM, and DevOps topics, and is a regular at events including JavaOne, Devoxx, OSCON, QCon, and others. Сo-author of O’Reilly’s “Enterprise Web Development.”

Anton Arhipov, Developer Advocate at JetBrains – https://twitter.com/antonarhipov
Anton is a Developer Advocate in the Kotlin team at JetBrains. His professional interests include programming languages and developer tooling. Anton has been a Java Champion since 2014, and is also a co-organizer of DevClub.eu, a local developers community in Tallinn, Estonia.


11 thoughts on “Apache Kafka® Event Streaming Platform For Kotlin Developers”
  1. In your application.yaml you are writing a binder like this

    What's the significance of the zero? Is it the number of arguments passed to the producerChuckNoris method? And, I also wanted to know how to pass the class type instead of String.

  2. I was hoping to see some usage of coroutines and how they can be combined with Kafka. The demo was still good but it would not differ that much if you had used Java instead of Kotlin.

  3. Good luck to understand the lot of out of context lines. 🤭

    Also: put them onto the correct timeline. 😱

  4. Recorded volume level for the video is too low. The issues come from Viktor's microphone volume level being way too low. Anton's microphone volume level is set at a high enough level to be heard clearly.

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