Apache Kafka® 101: Producers


    https://cnfl.io/kafka-101-module-6 | Tim Berglund (Senior Director of Developer Experience, Confluent) introduces KafkaProducer, a class in Java used to connect to an Apache Kafka® cluster, as well as the ProducerRecord, another class that you can use to hold the key/value pair being sent to the cluster. Under the covers, the library is waiting for brokers to acknowledge messages, managing connection pools, retransmitting messages as needed, managing network buffering, and much more.

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    ► Kafka Producer: https://docs.confluent.io/platform/current/clients/producer.html?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video&utm_campaign=tm.devx_ch.cd-apache-kafka-101_content.apache-kafka
    ► How to Build Your First Apache KafkaProducer Application: https://kafka-tutorials.confluent.io/creating-first-apache-kafka-producer-application/confluent.html?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video&utm_campaign=tm.devx_ch.cd-apache-kafka-101_content.apache-kafka

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    Confluent, founded by the creators of Apache Kafka®, enables organizations to harness business value of live data. The Confluent Platform manages the barrage of stream data and makes it available throughout an organization. It provides various industries, from retail, logistics and manufacturing, to financial services and online social networking, a scalable, unified, real-time data pipeline that enables applications ranging from large volume data integration to big data analysis with Hadoop to real-time stream processing. To learn more, please visit https://confluent.io

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    1. Can you explain more about cluster kafka ? .
      I found from internet that A Kafka cluster consists of one or more servers (Kafka brokers) running Kafka. Thats mean kafka cluster is actual server or cloud maybe ?.
      is posibble to run 2 or more same brokers in same server ? , for example run 2 zookeeper and 2 kafka server at same time ?
      Thank you