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“Revolutionize Your Cloud Experience with Anunta Azure VMware Solutions”


Unlock the⁤ Power of Azure ​VMware Solutions

Are you ready to take your organization⁤ to ⁢the‌ next level⁣ with cloud technology? Look no ‌further‍ than Azure VMware‌ Solutions! Whether you’re currently using ⁢on-premise VMware vSphere or VMware Horizon, you can seamlessly migrate your workloads to a dedicated Azure infrastructure. That’s ⁤right⁣ – a dedicated Azure infrastructure built specifically for VMware solutions.

With Azure VMware‍ Solutions, you ‍can ⁤harness⁤ the power of ⁤the ⁢cloud using VMware SDDC architecture. Built on dedicated server ​blades, this innovative solution allows you to easily move your‌ desktop workloads‌ to the Azure cloud.‌ You​ can even create a brand new pod while still managing your environment through the ⁤familiar ⁣VMware‌ control plane. It’s the best of‍ both ​worlds!

Why Choose Ananta?

Embarking on this cloud journey may seem complex, but Ananta is here to make​ it ⁣as easy as ​a click of ‌a‌ button. As experts in⁢ Horizon on-premises, Horizon Cloud, VMware SDDC, Azure VMware‌ Solution, Azure Cloud, ‍and Microsoft Azure ⁤Virtual Desktops technologies, we ⁢have the experience and ⁢knowledge to guide you every step of the way.

Whether you’re looking to extend your data ⁢center capacity, implement disaster recovery for your on-premises⁣ workloads, or simply explore the possibilities, Ananta is your trusted partner. From pre-sales to go-live ‌and ongoing management, we offer full lifecycle management‍ of your ‍Azure⁢ VMware Solution. Contact ‌us at sales@innuntotech.com or⁣ visit us on the Azure​ Marketplace to get‌ started.

What is ‌Azure​ VMware Solution?

Azure VMware Solution is a‌ comprehensive solution that combines the best of both worlds -‌ the VMware Software-Defined Data ⁤Center (SDDC) and Microsoft Azure. This powerful combination allows you​ to⁢ seamlessly migrate any VMware‍ workloads to the cloud, including VMware Horizon desktop and application ‍virtualization workloads.

One of the key ‍advantages of Azure VMware Solution is its familiar architecture‌ and administrative interface, ‌which closely⁢ mirrors the VMware Horizon on-premises solution. This means that administrators can easily adapt to the new ​environment with minimal ⁣learning curve. Moving ⁣your on-premises Horizon VDI environment to ‌Azure VMware‌ Solution is as simple as clicking a button.

About ‌Anunta

Anunta ⁣is a leading⁢ provider⁢ of Managed⁢ Desktop as a Service, ‌specializing‍ in Enterprise DaaS, Packaged DaaS, ⁤and Digital Workspace technology. With‍ over ‌10 years of experience in ​desktop⁢ virtualization‌ and a⁢ team‍ of over 400 experts, we have successfully migrated⁢ over 500,000⁤ remote desktop ​users to the cloud.

Our ‌virtual desktop solutions are ‍designed to⁣ enhance workforce productivity and deliver a superior end-user experience. Join ‌us ⁤on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to stay updated on the latest ‍news and‌ innovations​ from AnuntaTech.

Benefits of Azure VMware Solution
Seamless migration ⁢of ‍VMware workloads to the ⁤cloud
Support for VMware Horizon ⁤desktop‍ and application virtualization workloads
Familiar architecture​ and ‌administrative interface
Easy ⁣transition ⁢for administrators
Improved workforce productivity
Superior end-user experience
Contact Information
Email: ⁢sales@innuntotech.com
Website: www.devopsinvent.com



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