Ansible - Using strategies and output formatting option with yaml callback

Check out my guide for the different strategies available in ansible and how you can best utilize them to your own needs to run ad-hoc commands and playbooks the most effective way.
Also you get to see how to switch the default output formatter to yaml callback and get a nicer looking response in your playbooks and ad-hoc commands.



7 thoughts on “Ansible – Using strategies and output formatting option with yaml callback”
  1. Hi, I tried to register the output of df -hT and used content module to pull into a text file. But the output is in unorganized manner, how to organize the output same as I see the output of debug module in CLI.

  2. I want to consolidate the disk usage report from “df -h /” command and sent single email which contains all the host disk usage results. Could you please help me with this ?

  3. Hi, I have try do create a callback but ansible show the next message: Datadog callback disabled: missing "datadog", "yaml", and/or "packaging" python package and I don´t know what does this msg means, can you help me with it?.

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