Ansible Tutorial Part 6 - Ansible Roles Explained with Examples - Create Your Ansible Roles

Ansible Roles Explained in Detail – Convert Ansible Playbook to Ansible Roles | Ansible Tutorials for Beginners
This video explains you about Ansible Roles which includes what is ansible roles, how to create ansible roles and how to convert existing playbooks into ansible roles. – Ansible Tutorials for Beginners.
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39 thoughts on “Ansible Tutorial Part 6 – Ansible Roles Explained with Examples – Create Your Ansible Roles”
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  2. Great video. One of the better explanations for roles. Would suggest doing one for roles deploying mariadb and confit user role and db

  3. man you make it so easy to understand ansible role. I like the way how you present it and hence subscribed to your youtube channel.

  4. Thank you so much to this very informative tutorial !!. gratitude and appreciation for your time teaching us roles in Ansible. Mat.

  5. Thanks for saving my life. It's really helpful and easy to understand for someone who has basic knowledge of ansible. Keep doing a good job.

  6. Perfect. This is exactly what I wanted in an ansible roles tutorial. No-nonse, straight on , explained each part at a sufficiently, though not overloaded with info. You certainly understand how to teach. Thanks a lot.

  7. Thanks, this is really helpful, can you please make a video to add passwords to Ansible vault and how to use them.

  8. Hi
    I am getting an ERROR ! A malformed block was encountered while loading a block

  9. Looks like last service task is unnecessary since there is handler used. So service restarted twice. It’s in fact do not cause any problems, but for the sake of beauty I would suggest just specify second handler for enabled state:
    – name: enable apache
    service: name=httpd enabled=yes

  10. Hi Thanks for teaching the clear concepts. Are Docker Image and this Ansible roles are same ?

  11. This was helpful in understanding the role. I want to understand how I can keep my ssh key secret using the Ansible vault or any other options. Could you please make a video on that or if there is already one, please share the link for the demo.

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