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    ansible tower job template

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    1. I'm new to Ansible, I already have a project built out that I am now trying to get running in AWX. The problem is, half the tasks run on localhost and the other half run on a variety of different machines. And to boot, this project and another ansible project for running updates co-exist in the same Gitlab repository. I want to know, when I go to move a project to AWX, how do I consider these various parts and pieces. I mean, I have inventory in my gitlab repo, which is already configured in AWX projects….so why do I need a job template to run my jobs, and why does that template ask for an inventory when the .yml files are already configured to use the appropriate inventory files…it's complicated for a newbie. And ONLY a newbie would really ever have a reason to look this up.

    2. You might think this is self explanatory but this doesn't answer any questions I have. Obviously if I had an inventory set up I would be able to quickly go through and select my inventory from the drop down etc and watch it run. Even a monkey could look at the screen and think to itself, "yeah, I need to fill out these fields to make this work" …but without an explanation of these various options – and specifically WHY you do it the way you do – it's pointless.