Ansible Tower: Introduction and install


In this video I’ll introduce Ansible Tower and install it.

Ansible Tower is a frontend for Ansible, which serves as a central location for Ansible activities.

Installing config:
Single machine with integrated database.

Main Page:
Open Source (Free) Version:
Evaluation Copy:
To Download Software:

Install steps:
1) download bundle installer
2) tar -xzvf (ansible tower zip)
3) In the ‘inventory’ file in unpacked zip:
a. set admin_password (‘admin’ user’s login password)
b. set postgres password pg_password
4) Before install (if running below 4gb RAM, or if you get a ‘preflight check’ error about insufficient RAM):
a. change ram in config file:
5) Run setup script via sudo: ./
Note: the above setup script takes a while to complete.
6) Navigate to hxxps://(hostname-of-install)
7) Enter in your information for licensing.
8) Ready for use.


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      avinash avinash
      May 06, 2022 21:59 pm Reply

      good work budy ! simple and nice explanation which is interesting 🙂

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      jayant gupta
      May 06, 2022 21:59 pm Reply

      Very well explained, 👌👌

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      Sanjeev Kumar
      May 06, 2022 21:59 pm Reply

      simple and nice explanation

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      Syed Usman
      May 06, 2022 21:59 pm Reply

      Well defined, specially ram issue 🙂

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