Ansible tags - How to run particular task in given ansible playbook

If you have a large playbook, it may be useful to run only specific parts of it instead of running the entire playbook. You can do this with Ansible tags. Using tags to execute or skip selected tasks

You can find playbook’s I have used @

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7 thoughts on “Ansible tags – How to run particular task in given ansible playbook”
  1. Hi Deekshith,
    I had written an ansible playbook for ETCD clustering, it was working fine, a very new requirement has came. I have searched a lot on Ansible docs and many places, even I am getting clue related to it but not able to decide the approach and keep the things into correct place.

    Can you just help me by sparing just five mins of time?
    It's quite urgent requirement even when the code is moved to Prod.

    A new macine is getting added to the host group and clustering needs to be safely being performed, I have everything at place even the command and all…
    Just need your advice if you could just spare 5 mins, it will be of great help.

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