Ansible Automation | Operating System Patching for Multiple Linux Servers using Ansible

Operating System patching is one of the critical tasks for the systems engineers.

When to patch multiple servers to fix bugs or for regular updates , doing the manual way (In absence of Satellite etc) is very time consuming and need lot of efforts.

I have written a demo playbook on how Ansible can play role in the OS patching process.

Playbook :


37 thoughts on “Ansible Automation | Operating System Patching for Multiple Linux Servers using Ansible”
  1. It was nice vedio, can you make vedio of play book for VM/ bare metal migration to Aws, also data migration

  2. It’s very nice vedio , can you make some more vedios of ansible playbook for migration VM or bare metal to Aws cloud. Also can you make play book for data migration?

  3. Hi Yogesh, Its a nice video. But one questions here we need to stop and start the apps on the servers manually, can't we stop and start the apps through this same play book or can write diff one for that. Please tell.

  4. Hi Yogesh…thanks for the explanation. This is really very nice I'm very new to this ansible playbook. After watching this video I have grabbed a lot of things on this playbook. Using multiple conditional statements. This helped to analyze more how to write a playbook. If you don't mind could please share me link of that play book where I can download it. The Facebook link is not working which is there in the description. Though this is a time taking, could you share that one for me.

    Thanks and Regards

  5. Hi Yogesh, I need help for automation patch, could you please help me. Can you post your no or mail id

  6. Thanks a lot!! I referred your playbook to check if Tomcat service is up and running. And inspite of it is stopped or in started state it always printing out it is stopped. Can you please get in touch via email or leave yours so that we may connect. It's really urgent. Can someone else help too!! Appreciate in advance.

  7. Hi Yogesh,

    Thanks for the wonderful video about patching through Ansible. But how do I roll back the patching in the playbook. Can you please guide on this.

  8. What if I am not connected to the internet and I want to patch or upgrade the kernel offline

  9. Hi , Do you also help with windows patch installation through automation or can you redirect me to the correct place. Thanks

  10. Thanks Yogesh.
    Could you please help
    I am getting below error

    TASK [decision point to start patching] ******************************************************************************************************************************

    fatal: []: FAILED! => {"msg": "The conditional check 'app_process_check.stdout == "process_running"' failed. The error was: error while evaluating conditional (app_process_check.stdout == "process_running"): 'dict object' has no attribute 'stdout'nnThe error appears to be in '/etc/ansible/patching/linuxpatching.yml': line 21, column 7, but maynbe elsewhere in the file depending on the exact syntax problem.nnThe offending line appears to be:nn # this task decision, play will fail/quit if application is runningn – name: decision point to start patchingn ^ heren"}

    PLAY RECAP *********************************************************************************************************************************************************** : ok=2 changed=0 unreachable=0 failed=1 skipped=1 rescued=0 ignored=0

  11. Kindly suggest a open-source patching management tool for RHEL. I ve subscriptions for RHEL but don't want to expend money on satellite/smart management tool from RHEL.

  12. nice video. thanks!! tried to get this playbook on all the given links in the comments. But did not work, if possible please email me. Thanks!!

  13. Hi Yogesh,
    Thank you for these very helpful tutorials.
    how can we get the files in your demos ?

  14. Very good video. Please let me know how to build like your test environment. Also, can you use this in Windows patching?

  15. How to export all servers result in to a file. To check whether they got reboot or not during patching time

  16. Thank you Yogesh, could you please comment, if we need to monitor the patching progress, which module needs to be added? no update on the yum.log on the management host ile when we apply the patches

  17. thanks so much – please if you don't mind – please share the playbook again may be using git … and thank you

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