Ansible Automation | Launch EC2 Instance Using Ansible Playbook

Ansible Automation | Launch EC2 Instance Using Ansible Playbook Step by Step Guide. Playbooks are available in git repository.

yum install python python-pip python-setuptools*
curl -O
pip install boto
pip install boto3

python –version
pip –version

yum install ansible git
git clone

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15 thoughts on “Ansible Automation | Launch EC2 Instance Using Ansible Playbook”
  1. Hi , I didn't identified mentioned git repository in GitHub. i searched in GitHub account

  2. Really helpful. I tried other videos on YouTube but they were not that elaborative or missing steps. This video helped me achieve what I wanted from Ansible. Thank you so much.

  3. Hi Sir .. Thanks for the wonderful videos. Can we control windows update using ansible….!!!

  4. Hi please upload how to spin-off azure linux servers using ansible , standalone and multiple servers using single playbook

  5. Sir can i add Elastic IP in this playbook..? and send me code where i need to add as well as thanks

  6. Hello sir, I,m Hemanth kumar. The way that is what you are explaining is very nice. can you please explain about dynamic inventory. And also could you please explain about the yaml script with an another examples?
    why we use roles?
    what is the use of modules?
    And mainly how to write yaml scripts to run playbooks with an another examples?
    please give some clarification on yaml script ,how to write?

    Thank you sir.

  7. Hi @Teck Arkit I have 1 doubt
    how to write single playbook in selected ips install tomcat and nginx ?
    ex: I have 3 ips and save Ansible inventory file
    how to write only 2 ips install tomcat and another one install nginx that time which module we use in the single playbook?

  8. Sir, I have 3 doubts.
    1. Is it possible to change the configuration of the existing instance using ansible playbook?
    2. After creating the Instance using ansible playbook, can I add or delete extra configuration to the old one?
    3. can we scale in or scale out using ansible playbooks?

  9. Hi sir, instead of ansible do i use autoscaling group with bootscraping script to launch ec2 instance? And why do we use ansible exactly in real time ? Please do let me know… thanks

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