An overview of Zabbix 4.0 and how we are using it.


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    A comparison to Nagios

    Nagios Core vs Zabbix Comparison


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    1. Is it possible to get latency/packet loss data for a certain host from a pfSense box? The monitoring on pfSense itself isn't enough for getting a good picture of ISP faults and network congestion problems (unless I've overlooked something). Could I use Zabbix with pfSense to get this kind of data?

    2. maybe I just overlooked it 🙂
      do you have a video where zabbix installation in a jail on a FreeNAS is shown ?
      i just have the problem that Zabbix server 4.4 runs in a jail, but in the frontend say "PostgreSQL server is nit running…"
      the status at the SSH is running.

      Any idea what's wrong in my mindset ?

      Thx forward

    3. Hi , Im using Zabbix 4.0
      I'm trying to monitor a log file for the word "error"
      server and host(host agent is configured with server ip in agent.config file) agents are up
      opened 10050 – 10051 ports between machines and the debugmode with 5

      I have created
      Item key = "log[/var/log/test.log,ERROR]"
      Trigger = "{zabbix-host:log[/var/log/test.log,ERROR].str(ERROR)}=1"

      There is no trigger generated, and im not able to find any logs for the item in zabbix-agent.log
      I have tried with may triggers expressions and different item keys for diffrenet log files, still there is no trigger or log generated.
      Can any one tell me how to troubleshoot this issue.

    4. I installed this across my home network monitoring, raspberry pi, my phone and 4 virtual systems along with Grafana for server monitoring. My only mistake was installing an older server with newer clients and getting header issues, solved with deploying a 4.0 server… Fantastic tool that allows me to automate a lot of functions.

    5. Tom – great video as usual.

      I'm running the latest pfSense and have just installed Zabbix 4.x

      Noticed in your video you are pulling elements from pfSense beyond what the freeBSD template provides, such as the interfaces etc. Do you have a template you can share or point to for the Zabbix server that matches what the agent packages that are bundled with pfSense?

    6. hello, I'm a fan of you channel, pretty good content. I agree Zabbix is simple abd powerful. I have used cacti, nagios and now been using zabbix for a few years. it's my eyes into the network performance, havnt upgraded to zabbix 4.0 though.. i've just upgraded to zabbix 3.4 about a year or so. I create my own templates to keep it simple and get just what i need and not all of it. the real trick is tuning zabbix and zabbix database. got about a thousand monitored devices.