Amazon RDS support for SQL Server Integration Services

Learn how to deploy your SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages on Amazon RDS. In this video, you will learn about prerequisites, limitations, and the process of deploying packages on Amazon RDS instances.

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8 thoughts on “Amazon RDS support for SQL Server Integration Services”
  1. Nice video! Nothing to take away from the info in this video but unfortunately, running SQL Server via RDS or EC2 is extremely expensive and very restrictive. As an example, AWS has no way of running 256gb of memory with anything less than 32 cores. Anyone that has spent any time at all using and running SQL Server knows that throwing a bunch of CPU at a SQL Server is a waste. You may as well just throwing money in a can and light it on fire. Memory, disk speed, and network speed are the main ingredients to making SQL Server run well. You can easily run SQL Server with 8 cores and 256gb of memory and it will run just as good as the R5.8xlarge which has 32 cores. It's simply a waste of the customer's money.

  2. Is it possible to call child packages from a parent package in RDS? I have 2 dtsx files in the SSIS Catalog where one call's the other, the Connection String has a file path (D:S3) which I updated when I imported into the SSIS Catalog on the RDS database to point to the SSIS Catalog path e.g sample-ssis-folderprojectnamechildpackagename.dtsx however it doesn't seem to be able to read it ("The system cannot find the file specified). Does RDS support parent/child packages?

  3. Thank you for detailed video.

    I am trying to deploy an ssis package with a script task which does not seem to be allowed currently. Hopefully we would be able to do that soon.

  4. can we able to connect to other databases such as oracle, aurora and deploy the packages in managed RDS?

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