Amazon RDS | Deploy Spring Boot + MySQL CRUD Application into Elastic Beanstalk | JavaTechie

This tutorial will guide you ,how to integrate Spring boot application with MySQL using Amazon RDS and how to Deploy Spring Boot + MySQL CRUD Application into Elastic Beanstalk

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25 thoughts on “Amazon RDS | Deploy Spring Boot + MySQL CRUD Application into Elastic Beanstalk | JavaTechie”
  1. Hi bro. I am try to deploy my spring boot app but i am getting Degrated Error after jar upload can some please help on this

  2. If anyone's wondering why do we have to setup another database while deploying the springboot app to the elastic beanstalk, we don't have to do that at all. You can just create an environment in the elastic beanstalk and upload .jar to it. That jar will use the RDS that we have uploaded separately earlier in the video.

    Also make sure to change the file
    spring.jpa.hibernate.ddl-auto= update //changed from create because we want the database tables to just update unless you want that to happen for some specific reason then you can keep that property

  3. Nice video. I've a question here – why do we need specify the DB details in elastic beanstalk ? Any specific reason? The DB connectivity would be part of the app

  4. Hello Sir
    I can follow each and every step for.this videos everything is working good but at the end Showing this error in my pc screen 502 bad gateway error

  5. Hi, I get 502 Bad Gateway

    nginx/1.20.0 after deploying my springboot app. What's the cause of this… Please help?

  6. Hi … I created DB in RDS and able to connect from MySQL work bench. I also able to connect from my Spring Boot application when its start-up.
    But when I trying connect controller method, its giving
    "status": 404,
    "error": "Not Found",
    "path": "what ever path it is"

    I checked same application without RDS working. Any clue?

  7. Thanks for the video, but I am getting 502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.20.0. RDS works fine. Can some please help?

  8. Hi, I have followed same steps and deployed application in Elastic Beanstalk but when I access URL I am getting 502 bad gateway nginx. Could you please let me know how to resolve it.

  9. Hi Basant,

    Thanks for the tutorial. Very nicely explained. Just want to mention that git hub source code is missing pom.xml file. Please correct the source code file.

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