Amazon EKS Create cluster , worker nodes , install kubectl Step by Step guide

A Step by Step guide to create Amazon EKS cluster, setup node groups , install kubectl in local system and connect to EKS cluster. perform kubectl operations.

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8 thoughts on “Amazon EKS Create cluster , worker nodes , install kubectl Step by Step guide”
  1. why use such small font.. not able to see any command properly.. take care while making such videos

  2. Barely can see the text in your blue screen . can you see them text in your blue yourself?

  3. Good explanation I tried several ways to clear authentication error but I didn't fix it after watching ur video I cleared it thank u very much sir…

  4. Not sure , why in all of the tutorial videos , I could see , it is getting communicated with windows machine. in Real time, mostly Linux is used. it would be better , if the details are explained in linux environment.

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