Amazon ECS: Core Concepts

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Learn the core concepts of Amazon EC2 Container Service (Amazon ECS) and Amazon EC2 Container Registry (Amazon ECR) and how they help you to deploy, manage, and scale Docker-enabled applications on AWS. This includes building docker images and pushing them to a private secure repository, creating a cluster of Amazon EC2 instances, the Amazon ECS agent, writing a task definition, running tasks, task placement strategies, and running services.


40 thoughts on “Amazon ECS: Core Concepts”
  1. a lot of facts which is great but I do not find the format of presenting this to be good at all. It is rushed over and spoken in a monotone fashion without a single break. There isn't even enough time to glance over the information unless people constantly pause the video which defeats the whole idea in the first place to present this as a video…

  2. You could have done more animation and not read from text. Be natural not AWS Machine. We are people listening to you…. Hope to see better next video. Good informative effort though.

  3. Thanks! This was one of the most straightforward and clear videos on this topic I've seen. Lot's covered – but re: it being too fast.. it's a video, people! You can rewind, revisit, etc.

  4. This is not really east to follow ! very fast , Start from high level , not real example , just like someone read something from computer ! Please consider you try to deliver idea for CORE concept for something !

  5. For some people like me who have no idea about what Docker and containers are, I have the following link which illustrated the whole concept very well. This is not a promotion or anything but i found it really helpful and after reading this article if you see this video again, I am very sure you will get your imagination right about how Docker containers work on AWS:

  6. Maybe my mind was bogged, but I could not manage to grasp anything until I went to the options wheel, playing speed, custom, and lowered the video speed to 0.90. Now I can understand what Nathan said – thank you!

  7. Please lower rate of speech
    He needs to understand that AWS is new to everyone and needs to simplified
    IT seems as this video is for AWS masters
    He has good knowledge however was too fast and his explanation was overwhelmingly difficult

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