All Data Science Degree Courses For FREE! Harvard MIT Free Courses 2022


    Not sure how to begin or advance your data science career? Don’t worry!! In this video, I have covered the best data science courses of 2022 which can help you gain industry-relevant skills and experience. Link to one of the best course –

    Link to free Data Science masterclass by top data scientists –

    How She Got into Columbia University | VIT Vellore to Masters in Data Science:
    HOW TO BECOME A DATA SCIENTIST | Highest Paid Job in 2020?!:
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    1. Linear Algebra Freecodecamp:

    2. Linear Algebra MIT OCW:

    3. Linear Algebra 3 Blue 1 Brown:

    4. Probability and Stats:

    IBM Data Science Course:
    Google Data Analytics Course:
    John Hopkins Data Science Course:
    Daniel Bourke:

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    0:00 Scope of Data Science
    1:35 Salary of a Data Scientist
    2:50 Free Data Science Masterclasses by Scaler Academy[Sponsored]
    4:00 Learn Maths before Data Science
    5:10 Free MIT Harvard Courses
    5:40 Free Coursera Data Science Courses
    8:51 Comment “I watched till the end!”

    Data Science has evolved tremendously in recent years and will continue to do so in the future as well. Data scientists are always in demand since as long as there is data, there has to be a way to organise it and make use of it. Let’s be real. Data science is not a destination but a journey, and tackling the process with that mindset might make the process more enjoyable. As the data domain is rapidly changing, I feel it is important to evaluate different data science courses and programs that are present out there.

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    1. Hey ishan, i need guidance
      I am 2018 Electrical engineering batch passout. Currently I am doing job with 3 lakh package and not happy with that. I am desperate to make my career in data science so it will be helpful? If i quit my job and giving time in data science.
      Also suggest me Full course or certificate which will be best for me.
      Waiting for your reply

    2. Hi ishan…I'm abirami from Bangalore i completed my BE computer science in 2013…after i get married n now mother of two kids…now i planned to start my career..i dono wat to do…but so far i m interested in data science n analysis..but I don't have any coding knowledge or experience..can I take ths course to study to get job .. because nearly 10 year gap after my graduation.. so I'm confused to take course…but I don't have any financial support also ..i cant spend money for any paid course..

    3. Hey Ishan…completed the Google certificate. About to begin IBM…then will take all the math. I love love love math. I have an accounting bachelor's…I took advanced math classes in college for fun…I work as a manager for Apple tech…but I want to be an engineer.