Airflow Data Pipelines with Github Copilot?!

Airflow Data Pipelines with Github Copilot?!

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Github Copilot is your new AI pair programmer. Copilot is able to autocomplete your code according to what you type in real time!
As a fan of Airflow, I ask myself those questions:
Copilot would be able to code data pipelines?
If yes, how good it is?
Does that mean we gonna be replaced in a near future?

Let’s find out!


4 thoughts on “Airflow Data Pipelines with Github Copilot?!”
  1. Pretty interesting… but I still don't think it can replace humans(yet) on code level. However, it can really come in handy as a code review tool that provides suggestions and stuff

  2. You are a nice tutor..I really appreciate and follow each one of your video anytime it is uploaded

  3. Thanks for sharing this Marc. Yes Copilot at a very early stage, can't expect Terminator level of AI right away :D…Thanks again.

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