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A video tour of Ansible Automation Platform 2


This video provides a high-level overview of the key features and components that make up the Ansible Automation Platform 2. Interested in a specific part of the platform? Jump to one of the timestamps outlined below for a snapshot of what each component of the platform does.
Automation controller – 00:00:46
Automation mesh – 00:01:25
Automation execution environments – 00:01:59
Execution environment builder – 00:02:34
Ansible content tools (highlight ansible-navigator) – 00:02:48
Microsoft VS code plugin – 00:03:43
Ansible content collections – 00:04:14
Automation hub – 00:05:03
Private automation hub – 00:05:14
Ansible platform operator – 00:05:49
Ansible Automation Platform bundled installer – 00:06:07
Red Hat Insights for Ansible – 00:06:31
Automation services catalog – 00:07:05
Recap – 00:07:56

To learn more, check out our blog, or try free, on-demand labs, check out https://www.ansible.com


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