A Guide to the DevOps Technical Interview

What subjects are covered in an ‘Average’ DevOps job interview? What are interviewers are really trying to find out about you?

This is a quick overview and roadmap for the devops interview series I’m making.

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33 thoughts on “A Guide to the DevOps Technical Interview”
  1. how you prepare notes, example for Terraform, ansible , you read books and video and write down notes or just read question and answer from internet
    waiting for your replay

  2. Got an interview tomorrow. Thanks. Now I feel that I've the baseline for it. Will tackle the tough ones on my own. Boosted my confidence a little. 🙂

  3. You've helped me get my first Sys Admin job and now you're continuing to provide more free resources to help myself and others take the next step in our careers, thank you sir.

  4. Can you start series on various cloud providers to start AWS in depth for preparing for certifications kinda course from zero to master maybe paid also on udemy or YouTube whatever you like, it will damn helpful cause like the way you Teach.

  5. Already working as a Devops Engineer primarily focused on CD Pipelines, Cloud Foundry and containers, but I want to get a wider view since the field is gettings so large 🙂
    Thank you for the series in advance.

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