A Day in the life of a Data Analyst in Chicago

Hey guys! In this video I’ll be sharing my day as a data analyst and breaking down my data analytics workflow. I went on a business trip to the Chicago office and I wanted to bring you guys along.

❐ About me:
I’m Justin and I’m currently working as a Data Analyst at a Biotech company based out of Boston. I’m also an aspiring filmmaker who will be dabbling in cinematics, documentaries, and short films. I will be making videos about my work life and also short films 🙂 Consider subbing if you like to follow my journey!

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47 thoughts on “A Day in the life of a Data Analyst in Chicago”
  1. I just stumbled across this video and just want to say good job dude! It was interesting to see and I like how you kept it straight to the point.

  2. Hello Justin, I loved ur video it is very inspiring. I have graduated as data analyst in 2021. Unfortunately, I can't get a job. I have sent a lot of applications but they all ask for more experience. Can u guide me please? I am lost. 😞

  3. Got a question for ya. Do you think companies would hire someone new to the data analytics field, if all they had was a certification? I’m going through a massive career shift from education to data analytics. And I’m currently enrolled in the Google Analytics program. So, do you think simply understanding basics at beginner levels such as simple SQL, queries, spreadsheets, and basic coding functions and formulas could land you a junior position?

    Sorry for the lengthy message.

  4. I don't know why it's so comforting to hear I'm doing literally all the exact same things. Makes me feel like I'm doing it right. I just started my first analytics job about two months ago and so far it's been amazing to learn and grow. To everyone working towards this field in the comments, you absolutely can do this! Always stay positive and keep a thirst for knowledge and improvement and you will go far beyond what you thought your limits were 😊

  5. Loved to see your experience! I am also developing the skills and attending some trainings and Masters in Data Analystics and Sciencie to become a Data Analytics, your video really inspired me! Keep-up the good work!

  6. Bro, i'm from Brazil and i have to say.. what a life , i want that for me . I'm uber driver here in Brazil, i work like 12 hours a day and six days in a week but i will start to study to be a Dev.. I will start my college and hope one day i have this life like u, with time to go the gym, and do my stuff. This type of video give me a lot of inspiration, Thx and Sry my english, i trying to lear english too , because who knows, one day i work to a company in USA or other country

  7. I manage a data analytics team and for some reason I’m still drawn to these videos, even though it’s my everyday occurrence. Great video – glad you’re enjoying the career.

  8. As a Data Analyst in an Auditing company, some of the comments are about using Excel. Believe me Excel is only for small Data. When your a Data analyst, you will deal with more than 5 million rows of data, so basically excel will not do the work. Instead learn SQL queries or Python Pandas. I use Python to do the analytical part and Tableau for visualization. You need a powerful Laptop for Visualizations when your handling big data.

    If your still developing your tech skills, I wish you the best because It's a really dream come true job.

  9. Just subbed! I’m surprised how straightforward your day-to-day tasks are! Like many people here, I’m currently building up my tech skills to get to where you are. This was encouraging to watch ❤

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