#6 Integration Of Data Mining System with A Database or Data Warehouse |DM|

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20 thoughts on “#6 Integration Of Data Mining System with A Database or Data Warehouse |DM|”
  1. Your explanation is so awesome so there is humble request to from me is that makes, vedios on REAL TIME SYSTEM subject, JNTUH 4-1 semester

  2. Hello maam! Can you upload the next topics as soon as possible because our data mining exam is on 11th this month and we got that notice 2 days ago so please can you cover the topics fast and by the way all the videos you've uploaded on dm helped me a lot

  3. Maam can you please provide little bit fast because the data mining exam is on 11 February so if you upload videos late then definitely it will be difficult to read this data mining by reading books it takes too time to read so please provide little bit faster before exam

  4. Thank you so much for the vedios mam🥺 because of you I did well in my machine learning subject and I got good marks. Hope you make more….

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