5 mindblowing tricks that you don't know (yet)


    In this video, Jenkins talks about 5 tricks that will blow your mind that YOU didn’t know were in Dota 2.

    0:00 – Intro
    0:20 – Disassemble Lotus Orb into Arcane Boots
    1:40 – Secret trees behind T2 towers
    3:26 – Ancient has more vision than you think
    4:50 – Placing wards inside eachother
    5:54 – You can see people ward in fog

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    #Dota2 #Tricks


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    1. Jenkins, you forgot another trick. People like me place words in front of high ground camps on both Radiant and Dire sides. Don't know why but is that logical to do? Also, other ALL items that do not require a receipt can be disassembled and reassembled (concluding) Aghs. Scepter. I don't know if anyone has ever disassembled a Scepter to rebuild better items. Poo