3 Concepts to Master for DevOps/SRE Interviews

I’ve been doing a lot of interviewing for DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), and Cloud Infrastructure jobs, and I think these three concepts are critically underappreciated.
1. Infrastructure As Code
2. Immutable Infrastructure (see my arch server video for examples in the comments)
3. Datacenter-as-a-Computer / Distributed Systems Scheduling

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30 thoughts on “3 Concepts to Master for DevOps/SRE Interviews”
  1. Dude thanks for bringing this videos up. Every point you make has a real world scenario depth to it and its awesome to find out more as soon as the video end.
    Love you bro. Sorry don't know your name. 😅
    Double quotes "feels like if I get a chance to work with you then we can automate any thing there is!"

  2. I am so appreciative for these videos. They talk about basics without thinking your audience are children. Honestly, simple explanations like these are vital, so again thank you.

  3. Thank you man, your videos are really guiding me in right direction to make a shift from backend developer to an beginner as DevOps engineer.

  4. Completely disagree with immutable infra. The same CI practices work with IaC and small incremental changes tested through dev and staging environments before prod are the way to go. How else are you going to make incremental changes to your service infra?

  5. I am currently working as a Software Developer. But lately I have bien thinking about transitioning into DevOps. Thanks for such useful info!

  6. Hi I got 3 AWS Associate certifications. I didn’t get any job yet. What else I am supposed to added up on top of that certifications? Which is the right direction? Please give some advise.

  7. You're the first person who has properly demystified this bloody 3 letter acronym, it's practical requirements and expectations. / thank you

  8. Hey is there any way to write a sentinel policy which will fetch details of a json file present in gcp storage. It wouod be very helpful👍🙂

  9. I've got my first interview for a devOps internship tomorrow, thanks for the vids for helping me brush up on my skills beforehand!

  10. That's a wonderful video, is it possible for you to show us an interview session on SRE positions, so that we get an idea of what exactly the industry is looking for.! Thanks a lot for the information 🙂

  11. Hey @tutoriaLinux
    I'm looking to start my career as SRE/DevOps Engineer, but as a fresher I'm not getting opportunities. Do you recommend my any course or something to boost up knowledge and get some more chances.

  12. Hey, can you please make a video about freelancing as a sysadmin? I just can't find anyone covering this topic. There are plenty of videos about freelancing as a programmer but not as a sysadmin. Like what platform should you use or what can you work on in your spare time to have some side benefits. For example, maybe setting up your hosting services, or maybe UpWork or something like that. I believe that you know more that I so that's why I would like to see that video from you! Let me know what you think 🙂

    Also great video btw…

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