2016 Yamaha XSR 900 Review From Sixthisoverdrive

This is a full review of the 2016 Yamaha XSR 900. I own the bike and now have 1000 kms on it. This review of the sheep in wolves clothing machine that was designed by RSD or Roland Sand Designs is from my (sixthisoverdrive, 6IOD) experience.


28 thoughts on “2016 Yamaha XSR 900 Review From Sixthisoverdrive”
  1. Love all of it save the fat baby hanging underneath it. Full exhaust replacement would be a must for me but I grew up on KZ1000's with Kirker exhausts so this is a natural progression for an old fart like me. Definitely need that anniversary paint to. Yamaha knocked it out of the park

  2. I made a comment on your other video about your bike. Then i noticed you had a video reviewing it.
    So i came here to see you talk about it.
    I bet they make a bag set up for that bike for trips.
    I bought a bag set up for my Yamaha.
    I love it. I can carry much stuff with me.

  3. I don't find anything "fun" about jerky throttle response. This whole throttle mapping thing seems nothing more than a way to market to the cell phone generation and their need to be constantly pressing buttons. Rain mode is nothing you can't do by limiting you're right hand's movement and if I want the bike to jump out from under me, I can always rev it and drop the clutch. Any "mode" that causes cornering to jack the suspension around is no mode for me.

  4. Excellent review. Everything explained clearly and concisely. Beautiful machine that kind of reminds of my Seca 750 from 1982. Sit up and beg riding position with lots of character and practicality. This one of course has another 45 hp and loads more torque, though I have to say my Seca never feels underpowered in real world scenarios. Yamaha have hit a home run with this bike along with the new MT10. The MT 09 and Tracer have also been huge hits worldwide, so Yamaha really is on a roll.

  5. I was about to buy a GSXS1000….Then I found THIS! The 60th anniversary paint job sealed the deal. Headed to the dealership tomorrow for an up close look. Nice review.

  6. Hello sir
    This is very good review short and detailed.
    I am planning to get one.
    If you don't mind can you please tell how tall are you ?

  7. +sixthisoverdrive great bike.. great review..
    just a couple of questions. Since you already mentioned it, and besides the obvious spec differences. 1. how does it compare to the Scrambler in overall ride comfort?
    2. isn't the rear suspension adjustable for hight?

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