(#2) What is Azure DevOps  | Azure DevOps Tutorial For Beginners | WebGentle

Next Video of the series is what is Azure DevOps? In this video, you will learn what is Azure DevOps and the relation between DevOps and Azure DevOps.
Microsoft changes the name form VSTS to Azure DevOps and you will learn this thing in this video.
Microsoft Azure DevOps is the most trending in DevOps field and people are taking benefit from it.
Watch this video to learn about Azure DevOps.

0:43 what is Azure DevOps?
2:46 relationship between Azure and Azure DevOps
3:54 Azure DevOps Services
6:00 Choose Azure DevOps Server
7:10 Relation Between VSTS to Azure DevOps
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20 thoughts on “(#2) What is Azure DevOps | Azure DevOps Tutorial For Beginners | WebGentle”
  1. Thank you very much for this gentle introduction. It made a lot of sense to me. I trained as a tester, but been out of work for 16yrs to raise my children after bereavement, as they were very young. As they are now older, trying to get back to my work, but so many new technologies around now. This is helping me to reconnect. A big thank you🙏👍👌

  2. Very well explained video, thank you. Could you please provide some information about the connection of a scrum master and azure DevOps? What does a scrum master have to do with Azure DevOps? The part of a scrum master….

  3. Awesome content, no video have shared this info about VSTS & Azure devops, what was previously called as & now about it is known as.

    Keep it up bro. 110/100 ***

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