03   Writing Ansible playbooks | Ansible playbook Tutorial

In this video we will see how to write ansible playbok where we
1. Install apache
2. Enable apache on reboot
3. Install Git
4. Deploy website from git
5. Start webserver

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6 thoughts on “03 Writing Ansible playbooks | Ansible playbook Tutorial”
  1. Hi the ansible playbook structure/spacing or what its called as indentation is it common on all playbooks that is written or does it change. Its bit confusing where and when to use spaces & hyphens in a playbook. I am not from a coding or developer background hence it becomes more confusing is there a editor to automatically take the spacing & hyphens when writing the playbook. Can you make a video on that.Kindly reply

  2. Hi bro, Actually I have a question for my interview is that " How can we establish a connection to 100 clients in Ansible"???? And Other was "write a playbook to create 100 users in Jenkins???? Thanks bro

  3. Sir I like your ansible videos. Can please copy paste the code in comment, I am getting the error at yum:^

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